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    Paul -- Thanks for your suggestions. Given that audiences tend to break neatly into two groups, those who prefer to drill vertically and those who like a horizontal approach, one of our key design strategies for the Service Center made a robust search capability a high priority. With powerful searching, a reader doesn't need to choose one approach over another. For instance, there's a feature discussion in which I'm interested but can never remember exactly what it's called. Fortunately, I remember that the example included naming children. So, a search for "children" brings up a short list of seven articles, one of which is exactly what I'm looking for. Very cool!

    In recent weeks we've been steering more of our "How do I do this?" service calls into the Service Center with the thought that other users will provide great ideas and suggestions. You'll see more emphasis on this.

    Finally, we're just about ready to launch the Formers' Market, where we'll invite users to share their best forms with other users. We hope you'll be among the first to participate!


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