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    You saved the form "as a Word Template", and then "reopened it". 

    1.  When you saved it "as a Word Template", did you (a) select "Word Template (*.dotx)" in the "Save as type" box when saving, so it was saved with a ".dotx" extension; or (b) save it in the area where you store forms, but saved it as a regular old document with a .docx extension instead of a .dotx extension?

    2.  When you reopened it, did you (a) use Word's File Open command; (b) browse to the folder where the form is stored in Windows Explorer and double-click on the file; or (c) use Word's File, New, My Templates command to use the form?

    Since the form was mistakenly overwritten when you tried to use it, I suspect that you either did 1(b) or 2(a).  Those are both no-no's.  For best results, and to absolutely assure that no one will ever accidentally overwrite your brilliant forms, you should always use 1(a) to saveforms, and use either 2(b) or 2(c) to use forms.  When those steps are followed, the form user can click Save all day long, and they will never overwrite the original form.

    Originally submitted by Scott Campbell

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