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    This is caused by the way Word uses the "Normal" style.  You might have noticed similar font changes every once in a while when copying and pasting text from other sources into Word documents.  I'll tell you the solution first, then I'll give more details about the cause in case you're interested.


    1.  Open the form template (not a document created from it, but the .dotx form itself).

    2.  On Word's Home tab, right-click the Normal style and choose Modify.


    3.  Change the font from Calibri to Times New Roman and click OK. 


    4.  Save the revised form.

    Once that's done, documents that you create with that form will no longer have a tendency to switch to Calibri font.


    In case you're interested, here's the sequence of events that leads to this problem.  Word's out-of-the-box default font is Calibri.  When you created your form, you changed the font of the text on the screen to Times New Roman.  But you didn't change the underlying default font.  That means whenever Word is undecided about what font should be used for a particular block of text, it uses Calibri.  For example, if you were to copy a couple paragraphs from a program that doesn't specify fonts (like Notepad) and paste them into the document, there's a chance they would appear in Calibri font even if you pasted them in a Times New Roman passage.

    During TheFormTool's Fill and Reset routines, a whole lot of copying and pasting happens, and occasionally Word gets flummoxed when considering the source font and the destination font, so it reverts to the default font.  The steps above set that default font to the one you really want (Times New Roman), and not the one Microsoft thought you would like (Calibri).


    (originally submitted by Scott Campbell)

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