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    We have a number of customers who "weld" various documents together into one separated by Word section breaks. TheFormTool will even support including/excluding entire sections, a feature covered on page 22 of the current Expert User Guide.

    Lot's of people complain about Word's page numbering tools, but it does specifically allow for re-starting numbering with each Section, which sounds like it might be what you seek.

    Here is a step by step description for creating sections with their own page numbers in Word:

    1.  Add a next-page section break between each sub-document.  (Click Page Layout, Breaks, Section Break Next Page.)

    2.  Set up the header and footer in the first document the way you want them.

    3.  On the first page of each secondary document:

       a.  Put the cursor in the header and go to the Header and Footer Design tab.

       b.  Turn off the Link to Previous button if it is on.  (It’s a toggle button.)

       c.  Modify the header for this subdocument as needed.

       d.  If Different First Page is turned on, repeat steps b and c on the second page too.

       e.  Click Page Number, Format Page Numbers, Start at, 1, OK.

       f.  Repeat steps a-e for the footer(s).

     I hope this helps.

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