Sequential descriptors for a list sequence




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    Service Desk

    Sure, that's a piece of cake.

    I'l presume that you already know how to create a List in the document. If not, refer to any of the great demonstration videos here in the Support Center. Once the List is created, your task is to add a modifier Field to each item in the List to provide its sequence. To do that for the first of the three List clauses, put the cursor in the first clause just ahead of the vertical line (the pole) that closes the clause. Click Field to insert a field, select the same List as established the list in the first place, then click on the Item tab (this let's the program know that you want information for a particular item in the list, not the whole thing). Now, something a little different: on the right side of the window, select "Sequence #." Yep, this will insert the sequence number of the item in the list. Be sure to select the format you need, perhaps "one thousandth" in your example. Click Done. Now, if you'll just copy and paste this same code into the second and third clauses, you're set to go.

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    Ethan J. Huizenga

    I guess I got confused about what "one thousandth" meant. I was assuming it was a fractional descriptor, but when I followed your suggestion, it turns out to be the format I was looking for (i.e. first, second, third, etc.) Sorry for the dumb question.

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