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    Scott Campbell

    Thanks for including the form along with the questions, Ethan.

    Question #1:  No, each List must appear in its own table.  I see you've stacked a couple tables tightly together to simulate a single table.  That's one approach, but see my attached file for another approach.  It uses Attn marks to ask the form user to delete the paragraph mark separating tables, for a cleaner finished look.  (NOTE that the alignment of the tables in this sample file won't be correct until after you install the upcoming update mentioned in #2 below.)

    Question #2:  I see what you mean, where the second table is offset slightly to the right.  After some experimentation, I discovered that in some cases Word was reformatting one of the tables slightly, changing the left indent.  This is something I run into every once in a while, especially in tables -- Word does a lot of on-the-fly formatting in the background, trying to keep things tidy, and sometimes it guesses wrong.  But I found a way to make the Doxserá program reassert the original left indent, and we'll make that program update available within the next day or two.  When it's ready, I'll send you a follow-up note here, and then after installing it your tables will retain their original left indent.

    Question #3:  I tried creating a few Conditions in your form, and they all worked properly for me.  Can you maybe isolate one in particular that's not working for you?  Then I'll be able to debug it and see what's up.  And if you're able to give me that detail, perhaps you could also supply any Master Lists you're using in this form -- I noticed there's at least one, and if I have that then I'll have a better chance of duplicating your results.

    5.01 Report and Inventory (stacked tables).docx
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    Ethan J. Huizenga

    1. That's a good second option; I was mostly hoping to not have to ask the user to edit the form. Neither choice is ideal, but if the tables stay aligned per your answer to #2, this solution is adequate.

    2. I'm glad it wasn't just me using the program wrong. I was concerned that I broke the form and the program.

    3. I think the 4 master lists are the ones used in the form. The condition I was trying to add was in the Schedule C page of the form. It's not on the one I uploaded it because I couldn't make it work and simply deleted it. 

    What I want to do is only display the total of the Alternate Value column if there are entries in that column. I want a blank box unless there is one ore more entries in that column. The condition works fine with the other schedules, but it won't let me use the same type of condition on the sum that crosses the two lists (Debtor and Bank). Does that make sense?

    IowaCities Counties.txt
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    Scott Campbell

    Yes, that makes sense.  You can create a Condition that depends on the sum of two series-type answers (or grids) by employing a Derived Answer.  The Derived Answer calculates the total with a Math field, then the Condition is based on the result of the Derived Answer.  I attached a quick sample file to demonstrate -- let me know if you need any help adapting it to your needs.

    condition based on total of two lists.docx
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    Scott Campbell

    Ethan, Doxserá Version 1.1c, which fixes the problem with misaligned tables, is now available at  Thank you for your help!

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