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    This one has an easy fix.

    If you select the {he|she} field that's proving troublesome and click Field, here's what you see:


    It's giving a pronoun for Item #1 in the list.  Since Item #1 is a male, it's always going to say "he".  You would use that in the rare situation where you need to refer to the first person in the list within each of the other clauses of the list, like this:

    Mike is the winner.  He beat Bill.  He beat Jane.  He beat Fred.

    Instead of that, you'll want to change the {he|she} field to this:


    That gives a pronoun for the Current item in the list.  As the list is built, it will give "he" for the first item, and "she" for the second item.

    Answer provided by: Scott Cmpbell

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    Steve Stovall

    Thanks!  Your response helped me find the issue.  With test data in that form, when you click on the he|she field, you don't get the option for "current" only "first", "last" and "item1".  Once I cleared the data from the test form and reset it, then more options appear in that drop down.  Appreciate your help!

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