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    Rick Madden

    Hi everyone

    I believe I have found a least for the time being a work around.

    In the form, Instead of check boxes, I created a table for 4 columns, shaded the background light gray, added a wide white border and put "X" in each cell. They resemble check boxes.

    Then in the Q&A Table I added a "choice answer" and "typed in" Inspected, Not Inspected, Not Present, Deficient, giving the user an option of for answers.

    Back in the form, I added a condition (checked "Specific Items Chosen", checked "any of these" and checked the corresponding answer. 

    If the answer was checked in the Q&A table then it put an X in the corresponding cell of the table and if the answer was not checked in the Q&A table it left that cell blank.

    I am attaching a screenshot of my results.

    Not perfect, but works for now. :)

    Thanks, Lynda (for Rick)

    Example of Texas Inspection Form Checkboxes - Before and After.docx
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    Scott Campbell

    Hi, Lynda.  There are a few ways to do this.  I attached an example of my favorite, which is to put the chart in a table so it's easier to format things.  (You could accomplish the same thing with some well-crafted tab settings.)  Everywhere a checkbox belongs, I put two symbols:  one checked, and one unchecked.  Then I made each of those symbols conditional, so that either the checked or unchecked symbol appears in the finished document, as appropriate.

    A different approach is to use three characters [X] instead of checkbox symbols, and make the X conditional.  But I figured you would want to use symbols to match the appearance of the original form.

    I also assumed that you only want to allow people to select one checkbox per row.  Let me know if that's not true (in which case we need to adjust the Smart Answer slightly), or if you need any more help with this.

    Inspection Form.docx
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    Scott Campbell

    Our replies crossed in cyberspace, so I didn't see yours until after I posted mine, Lynda.  Your solution is pretty slick!  Take a look at mine too, and use whichever one you prefer.

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    Rick Madden

    Thank you very much Scott.

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