Set a condition test based upon a pronoun from a list item



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     I’m happy to report that, as you suspected, the capability you’re looking for is indeed built into the software.  The trick is, you need to use a Pronoun field instead instead of a Condition (and that Pronoun field is contained in a custom list):

    1.  Create a smart answer that’s a list of text-and-pronoun items.  It sounds like you’ve already done that step. For the purposes of this example, let’s suppose that you label it “Kids”.

    2.  Add a List to the document to list the children by clicking List, Kids, Insert List.  (You may have already done that too.)

    3.  Within the list you just created, add pronoun fields where needed to create the word “son” or “daughter” as appropriate.  To do that, click Field, Kids, Insert Field, Item in List, Pronoun, Done.  That creates a default pronoun field that says “He/She”; with the field still selected, click Pronoun again and choose “Son|Daughter|Child|Children” (and perhaps lowercase).

    The resulting form will look something like this:

    I leave the rest of my estate to my {List:{son|daughter} {Kids#X}|, {son|daughter} {Kids#X}| and {son|daughter} {Kids#X}}.

    This technique of using “Item in List” fields to provide additional information about items in lists is discussed further in Example 6a on page 72 of the Expert User Guide.  If you need any further help, feel free to send me a copy of your form, and I can plug in a sample sentence for you to work with.

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