How do I manage paragraph numbering with conditional paragraphs?



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    This is due to the way Word's automatic paragraph numbers are stored in the paragraph mark code at the end of the paragraph, even though the number appears at the beginning of the paragraph.

    The general rule is, to make a numbered paragraph conditional (or any paragraph, for that matter), include the paragraph mark within the condition.  The result looks like this:


    It looks as if the condition contains the "3.", but it actually contains the "2.", because the "2." is contained in the paragraph mark at the end of the second paragraph.

    With that in mind, we can see that the last condition in the red-highlighted paragraph is causing trouble, because it sometimes removes the (unnumbered) paragraph mark at the end of that paragraph, allowing a later (numbered) paragraph mark to become the end of the paragraph, which then tacks a number onto the front of the paragraph.  Similar stuff happens in the green section. 

    We redid some conditions in the attached revision to the form, so the numbering should now work properly.

    (P.S.:  One way to sidestep this awkwardness with numbers contained in paragraph marks is to use Snapnumbers instead.  Snapnumbers behave like regular characters, rather than behaving like paragraph formatting.It was developed by the developers of TheFormTool and is available at

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