I moved TheFormTool's files and disabled the program. What now?




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    Scott Campbell

    Hi, Jim.  You're supposed to be able to click Options, Path, and enter the path to the new location.  But I've seen a few cases where the error message interfered even with that.  If you find yourself in that boat, here's a work-around that will work for you:

    1.  Locate the TheFormTool.ini file on your computer.  By default, it's at C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\TheFormTool, but could be different if you're not using a standard Windows profile setup.  (Let me know if you have trouble finding it, and I can walk you through it.)

    2.  Double-click that file to open it in a text editor.

    3.  You'll see a line that says something like TheFormTool=Z:\Old Location\TheFormTool that specifies the old location of the shared files.  Change that so it refers to the new location instead, and save the file.

    I will work on figuring out why the easier Options Path method doesn't work sometimes.  But in the meantime, one way to avoid the problem is, if you need to change the location of those shared files, use the TheFormTool's Options Path command to change the path before you move the files from one location to the other.

    Search terms that might lead people to this post:  Runtime Error, Path, File Location

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    James C White

    Thanks, I figured that I had to find a file to edit.  It worked and the error is gone.

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