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    Scott Campbell

    Hi, Paul.  You're right -- you can't embed series answers inside a linked answer.  (Try to envision what that would look like in the Q&A table, and you'll understand why.)  For example, if you have a Children question that asks for a series of names, you might be tempted to create a linked Grandchildren question so the user can assign a series of grandchildren to each child, but it's not possible.

    I'm attaching the same file here that I attached to your other recent question, because it shows one way to handle the children/grandchildren scenario described above.  But there are lots of different approaches that might be used, depending on what you're trying to do.  If this one doesn't apply to your situation, give me more details about what you want to accomplish, and I can come up with a suggestion that's more on target.

    Children and Grandchildren.docx
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    James Singleton

    Scott, thanks for the help. For the benefit of anyone else that comes across this issue, I am uploading a basic sample that I sent to him earlier today, which is similar to your solution.  

    Trustee designations.docx

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