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    It sounds like what you're searching for is a serial Choice, a nested Choice, or a combination of the two. TheFormTool PRO supports those functions.

    For instance, say that an early Answer is either "Petitioner" or "Respondent." You can make any number of later text decisions contingent on which of those answers were entered. You do so by creating a Condition that controls whether certain language, it could be a word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, or section, is to be included or excluded with the answer. Conditions can be nested, one within another, almost without limit. For example, insert widget language if the plaintiff is a corporation and if it is a MN corporation, the correct number of widgets is ten, but if it is a WI corporation, use six. Conditions can be chained in series, one after another in order to select language that flows through a series of decisions.

    You can learn much more about Conditions in the Expert User Manual and on the Video Support page on the website.

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