How can I repeat a form for each name in a List?



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    Yes, that can be done by stretching out an ordinary List with page breaks.  First skim through Example 6 in the Expert User Guide (page 66) to get an idea of how custom lists work.  Then:

    1.  Add a question in the Q&A table (perhaps labeled "Guarantors") and make it a List-type Smart Answer.

    2.  In the form, at the location where the series of Guaranty Agreements should appear, click List to add a list and choose "[repeating paragraphs]" format.

    3.  All that remains is to replace the placeholder text ("Sample paragraph about {Guarantors#X}.") with the text of the Guaranty Agreement, and add a hard page break at the end of the last paragraph.

    The finished product will look something like this (I've marked the location of the hard page break with a triple asterisk):


    On this date {Guarantors#X} agrees to provide the guaranty described in Exhibit A.


    By: ________________________




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