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    Service Desk

    It sounds like you might want to use the Master Lists feature for this. Master Lists allows up to 63 data points per contact, each of which you can choose or ignore for any specific need. Master Lists are covered in some detail in the Expert User Guide; you can do keyword searches on the online version here or just thumb through the Index.

    Once you have the data, I prefer to build up signature blocks component by component rather than in single large block. For instance, using Fields like FirstName, LastName, Firm, Bar number, email, etc. This way, when you need the individual components for other uses within the same or other documents, you have them at your fingertips.

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    Matthew E Ritchie

    Thanks, Bob. The difficulty here is that - in my jurisdication's litigation practice, at least - every signature block looks considerably different, and I need to reproduce the particular forms of blocks for individual attorneys that match the way they have set them up.

    I will have a look at master lists - haven't really experimented with them yet.

    Also, to go a little off topic, can you tell me how you usually set up case captions for litigation files? My jurisdiction follows something like what you see in Federal Court...

    Cause number, centered on page

    Left column with names of parties | Middle column - 1 section symbol per line | Right column description of court

    Right now, I have a cause number field and left, middle and right column fields.

    Thanks for the help.

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