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    Scott Campbell

    It's not possible with the approach you described, but I have another approach that will work:

    Instead of using three master lists, create a single master list that includes all signers and adds a "Company" column.  The leftmost column in this combined master list needs to identify each signer in a way that's meaningful for the form user.  If the signer's name is enough to accomplish that, then use the signer's name in the left column.  But if it would be handier for the form user to know which company each signer is affiliated with, then go ahead and incorporate that information in the left column too.  In that case, the left column of the combined master list would look something like this:

    Acme LLC - John Smith
    Acme LLC - Jane Doe
    Widgets Inc - Bob Carlson
    Widgets Inc - Mary Johnson

    And in that case you would also include a "SignerName" column so that you can insert the signer's name wherever needed in the form.

    An additional benefit of this approach is that you now only have to ask the form user one question instead of two.  If any of this isn't clear, let me know and I can whip up a sample for you.

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