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    Scott Campbell

    Hi, Paul.  I'll tell you my favorite method for handling this sort of situation.  I think of it as assigning "roles".

    1.  I create a multi-column grid answer (let's call it the People Grid) and use it to ask for details about every person involved (Name and Pronoun, DOB, Phone #, etc.).

    2.  In the Q&A table, I ask which person fills each role.  So Question 1 might ask "Who is the will maker?" and Question 2 might ask "Who is the spouse?"  I make each of those a Choice type answer with a dropdown that allows the user to choose a person in from the people who have been entered in the People Grid.

    3.  For roles that can be filled by multiple people, I use a Series Choice answer that allows users to choose a whole list of people from the People Grid.  That works great for a lists of Personal Representatives, Trustees, Beneficiaries, etc.

    I'm attaching a sample form that demonstrates some of this approach.  It's probably more complicated than what you need (I created it when I was answering someone's question about how to determine parent/child and grandchild relationships), but it does include the basic concept described above.  Let us know if that helps.

    Children and Grandchildren.docx
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    James Singleton

    Scott, thanks for the help.  I actually figured out the solution through an email exchange with Bob.  For the benefit of anyone else that comes across this issue, I am uploading a basic sample that I sent to him earlier today, which is similar to your solution.  

    Trustee designations.docx
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