Word resets Normal template to MSFT defaults on restart




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    There are no known issues with TheFormTool creating the symptoms you describe and no reports of similar symptoms. There are no functions within TheFormTool's program which affect Word's Normal template.

    The times where I've experience symptoms similar to those you describe is when I've had two Normal templates within Word, the Normal template has inadvertently been overwritten with "new" settings, or when I've stored the Normal template in a non-standard location.

    So, two paths to go down:

    1. Do you ever get a notification "Changes have been made to Normal.dotx"? If so, exactly when?

    2.  If you look at the properties for the Normal.dotx template (C drive>users>(yourname)>Application Data (which is a hidden folder)>Microsoft>Templates>Normal.dot), what does it show for the last modification time versus the last time you shut down Word and/or the last time you rebooted your computer?

    3. While in Properties for the Normal template, and IF the current version of Normal has the settings you like, click on Read Only. That should prevent any further changes.

    Please let us know how this works for you and if you need more information.

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    I've asked our tech gurus about this. They believe it may be an operating system issue, that your computer is deleting the Normal template when rebooting; then, on startup, Word creates a new Normal template, which is normal behavior (no pun intended, really!) if there is no Normal. That does make sense to me, as well, has now leads our list of most likely.

    Do you see any other changes to profiles or default settings in any other of your programs?

    It may be time to pay some real attention to your computer's basic health, including a power sweep looking at malware.

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    Thanks very much for your quick and thoughtful responses.  It turns out that in the course of reorganizing my template locations, I had moved the Normal template file [Normal.dotm] to another folder and failed to indicate the new path in Word’s location paths (at the bottom of Advanced Options) - coincidentally, this was at the same time I had installed TheFormTool v2.4. All is working correctly now.

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