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    This is likely related to screen resolution and display percentage -- two Windows features that change the size of things on the screen.

    The various elements in the TFT screens are supposed to resize themselves to correspond to the currently selected screen resolution and display percentage, but for some reason on her system they are not doing so.  This is beyond my expertise, so I don't know if it's because her display driver isn't working properly or her Windows settings are scrambled or what.  But here are a few things she could try:

    1.  Run Windows Update in case there is a newer version of her display driver.

    2.  Try adjusting her screen resolution.  (Right-click on desktop and choose Screen Resolution.)

    3.  Try adjusting her display size percentage.  (Different for various versions of Windows, but the general idea is to open the Control Panel and click Display, then make changes in this screen:


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