Word wants to remove TheFormTool after crash



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    This happens fairly regularly with Word add-ins, including some of the other programs built by the creators of TheFormTool. If Word crashes for any reason while a particular macro is running, Word flags that add-in as a problem and either disables it without notice or gives the notice you saw. If you had said not to disable TFT after rebooting and restarting Word, both Word and TFT would have continued working properly, assuming the crash was not due to some recurring problem.  Now that it's disabled, you can turn it back on by doing this:

    1. Click File, Options, Add-Ins.
    2. In the Manage box at the bottom, select "Disabled Items" and click Go.
    3. Select TFT in the list of disabled items and click Enable.
    4. Close Word entirely, then reopen Word.

    We hardly ever see this problem for TFT because TFT doesn't do anything "fancy" (no calls to external programs or DLLs, no COM component, no interception of built-in Word functions, etc., so it is very rarely "running" in Word's eyes when Word decides to tank. And, of course, leave it to MSFT to blame others first.), but other software providers apparently see it fairly regularly with other third-party add-ins.

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