How to integrate TheFormTool with Sharepoint?



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    No, a SharePoint “page” is not synonymous with a Windows “folder”.  Our “path” value points to a Windows folder, and TFT can only interact with a Windows folder – not with a SharePoint page.

    BUT SharePoint does have the option to map a traditional Windows drive/path to a SharePoint location.  Having done that, you can access the files stored in SharePoint either via SharePoint’s “page” paradigm or Windows’ “folder” paradigm.  That mapping, though, would have to be done on the client’s end, not by TFT.  Once done, the client tells TFT the mapped path, just as they ordinarily would if it were not a SharePoint location.

    Another way to say it:  SharePoint stores files in a location, and you can either access those files via a “page” interface or a “folder” interface.  Mark is accustomed to the page interface (and I think he’s in the majority), but other people using SharePoint might be more accustomed to the folder interface.  But SharePoint supports both interface modes simultaneously.  TFT users would just need to make sure to map a drive to the SharePoint location so that they can tell TFT a path.

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