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    Scott Campbell

    This formula is fun, because it takes advantage of a few seldom-used TheFormTool math functions:  Maximum, Minimum, ListMax, and ListMin.  I'm attaching a sample file that includes the Math field, ready for you to copy/paste into your form, or you can create this formula from scratch:

    ({Maximum: {ListMax: BRresult}, {ListMax: BLresult}, {ListMax: FRresult}, {ListMax: FLresult} } + {Minimum: {ListMin: BRresult}, {ListMin: BLresult}, {ListMin: FRresult}, {ListMin: FLresult} } ) / 2

    Here's an English translation of what that formula is doing:  The ListMax function returns the maximum value in a list of values.  So, for example, {ListMax: BRresult} gives the highest value in the BRresult column.  The Maximum function returns the maximum value in a list of values, so the first half of the formula provides the highest value in all four columns.  Similarly, in the second half of the formula the Minimum function returns the minimum of four values, each of which is a ListMin function that returns the minimum value in a column.

    Very cool!

    Advanced Math Help Needed.docx
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    Rick Madden

    Hi Scott

    This is very cool!  I am going to give it a try (yes, from scratch).  I am very excited to hear that TheFormTool is this sophisticated!!!

    Thanks, Lynda


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