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    Thanks for the screenshot, that makes it very clear.  Yes, all of the date functions require a full month-day-year date as a starting point.  So the form user would have to enter a full date in the QAT.

    If you would instead like to ask the form user for just a year by itself and then subtract three years from that, use a Math function instead of a Date offset.  In other words, make YearFiled a plain text-type answer, then create a Number-type field in the form and use a Math function to subtract 3 from that number.

    (But if the full date of filing including month and day is used at other spots in the form, or even in related forms, you might want to use a full month-day-year DateFiled answer instead, and then you can derive the year three-years preceding as well as any other date relating to that starting point.)

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