How to add additional rows in Q&A Tables?




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    I am going to answer my own question. The Word Table has cells. Normally you tab within the last cell to add additional rows. After data is entered into the Table, it appears to be locked. If you position your cursor in the last cell, and if it has an entry, you cannot add an additional row. You need to position the cursor OUTSIDE of the last cell (to the right) before the carriage return marker. Tab at that position and you will get an additional row added to the Table. If the cell is empty, you can tab from within the cell and add an additional row. If the cell has an entry, then you add an additional row as specified above.

    Originally submitted by jnbrewer

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    Nice work on the self-serve answer!

    I tend to use the method you described, because I'm more of a keyboard guy than a mouse guy. With my cursor in the last cell of the table, I tap the right arrow key to move my cursor outside the protected portion of the Answer, then press Tab to add a new row.

    But there's another method too, with its own advantages. Click Row, Add in TheFormTool menu to add a blank row under the selected row. (Very handy when you want to add an answer in the middle of the Q&A table.)

    Originally submitted by Scott Campbell

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